A. Function

Advising the President on postgraduate training including: enrollment, training management, building training program, opening new major code, considering and recognition graduation for learners.

B. Mission

1. Set up postgraduate training program, planning, opening new major code.

- To collaborate with training departments to prepare and submit dossier for opening new training major code

- To manage the content of training program, detailed syllabus of units, time frame, teaching planning, coordinating with the departments to operate teaching planning, managing the compilation of textbooks, materials and lectures of postgraduate training majors.

- To research and propose the renewal of the postgraduate training form, renovate teaching methods (based on teaching methods from reputable education institutions domestically and internationally) in order to improve training quality of Vinh University.

2. Organization and management teaching activities

- To supervise and monitor teaching activities (content and schedule); to invite the  visiting lecturers for postgraduate training major.

- To prepare payment record of examination regime, marking, teaching  for lecturers

3. Organization and management learning activities

-  Organizing to train and popularize the regulations, planning, studying program; coordinating with Centre for Quality Assurance to organize examinations

- Coordinating with training departments to monitor, manage learning progress, periodic reports and learning outcomes of learners; to manage the temporary and permanent  absenteeism, to manage the changing of training majors, training campus and extending study duration.

- Coordinating with the Centre for Continuing Training, transferring of science and technology and educational services to organize the supplementary knowledge classes and certify the foreign language certificate in the enrollment and training process.

- To organize the scientific conferences, seminars for postgraduate students.

- To manage and organize the thesis defense councils

- To build the funding estimation for the councils of marking and thesis defense.

4. Enrollment

- To organize the postgraduate entrance examination, to set annual enrolment target, to announce the enrollment under the approval planning by the President.

- Receiving and processing the dossiers of registered examination, exam monitor and marking examination; preparing, checking and processing of recruitment records.

- Preparing all procedures, conditions and documents then submitting the President to sign the enrollment contract.

- Reporting and archiving enrollment data in accordance with the Regulation on the archives of Vinh University.

5. Managing and distributing diplomas, certificates under the “Regulation on printing and managing of diplomas and certificates of Vinh University”