Vinh University was established under the Decree No. 375/ND dated July 16th 1959 of the Ministry of Education and Training.

In 1976, the University was assigned to train and foster the first postgraduate course, the precursor of postgraduate training (master) since 1992. Vinh University was assigned to train PhD students in 1990, and to train master’s degree in 1992 by the Prime Minister.

In 1995,  department of Postgraduate Studies was established with the mission of advising, consulting and managing training, associated training activities of master and PhD degrees.

Vinh University has trained 35 master’s major and 15 doctoral majors. Moreover, it associated with other tertiary education institutions to train some master’s majors in order to meet the demand of high qualified human resources for the social – economy development cause. In fact, learners are trained master and doctoral degrees at Vinh University who come from many provinces in Vietnam as well as other countries in the region (Thailand, Laos…). Beside the main campus, Vinh University is authorized by the Ministry of Education and Training, Dong Thap Province, the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, the People’s Committee of Long An Province, Steering Committee of Tay Nguyen to train master degree at Dong Thap Province, Ho Chi Minh City, Long An Province and Tay Nguyen. Participating in postgraduate training, there are more than 60 Professors, Associate Professors, 216 PhDs of Vinh University together with hundreds of scientists and researchers in Vietnam and abroad.

Over 30 years of training, Vinh University has trained about 6.000 masters and 100 PhDs. The annual training scale currently achieves appropriate 1.200 masters and 50 PhDs. As a result, after graduated from Vinh University, they have promoted role, qualification and capacity into the social economy development cause of country.

With the declaration of quality assurance and effective training for human resources, Vinh University is committed to the society that the university’s postgraduate training products have full qualification, capacity, quality and skills in terms of political qualities, educational qualification and research capacity, etc… This declaration will be confirm in the program, training content that show the scientific, basic and modern nature; training regulations are strictly implemented. Consequently, they create a foundation for people to improve skills and meet human resource demand for society and study’s need of each individual.