Implementing the Official dispatch No. 644/DHV-CTCTHSSV dated May 23rd 2016 of the President of Vinh University on welcoming 24th course postgraduate students, on June 3rd 2016, Vinh University organized to admission for 24th course students at four locations: Vinh University, Long An University of Economics and Industry, Vinh Long University of Technical Education and Dong Thap University

With scientific admission process, specific guideline of officials, teachers and volunteered students, new students had done procedures quickly and accurately. As a result, there were 640 students (with 18 training majors) who came to do admission procedure on June 3rd 2016, accounting for 92.5% .

Next, on June 4th 2016, new postgraduate students had learn the rules and regulations with many important contents such as: student management regulations (rights and obligations, organizational system, management, administrative procedures, reward and discipline, information exchange channels); regulation on training master’s degree (study program, study registration, timetable and graduation conditions); examination regulations… the Departments of Student Affairs, postgraduate studies and Centre for quality assurance coordinated to implement the lecture

Here are some pictures of the event: